Story time!

I was on a mission. cute, clean-shaven, muscular, and not much older than me. I had almost let him go at first, but he had come up and asked for my number and told me how good my ass looked. Typical.
“I don’t think you can handle me,” I said to him, but he had only laughed.
Fair enough, I thought. Can’t say I didn’t warn him.
We took a taxi to my place, and the door had barely closed behind us before his hands were already all over me, grabbing me and groping me in the dark. We began to kiss—deep and hard. He ran his tongue along my lips, then sucked on my tongue forcefully. He was a good kisser; I could give him that.
We made our way upstairs, and we eventually, they made it onto the bed, both of us with significantly less clothing on. My dress was off now, my supple breasts bared and he eagerly groped them, tugging at my hard nipples. He had only his pants left on, but once they we positioned on the bed, he knelt over me and started to unbuckle his pants, yanking them down quickly along with his underwear. He had a long, stiff cock and a sack so tensed up with horniness that I could barely make out each individual testicle.
I reached down in between his legs and cupped his scrotum in my hand, tugging and squeezing them gently against my palm. He seemed taken aback at the touch, chuckling slightly at my forwardness. “What’s this mean?” he asked.
“I’ve got a thing with balls,” I said, pursing my lips and still keeping a firm hand on his testicles. “I don’t think they get enough attention.”
“You might be right,” he said. “I kind of forget they’re there.”
At this, I smiled. “Really?”
“What are you waiting for?” he asked, his cockiness unmasked in more ways than one. “Let’s fuck.”
I raised an eyebrow with a small smirk. “Sure,” I said. “But let’s do it my way.”
“Your way?” he said, smiling. “What do you mean? What are you into?”
I walk to my closet in the corner, and pulling open the door. Hanging on the back of the door was a long length of thin black rope, and long thin, wooden paddle. I pulled both of these things down carefully, then went back to him.
“Whoa,” he said. “What’s all that for? You want me to use that on you?”
“No, silly,” said I said. “I want to use it on you.”
He looked bewildered. “Ah–I don’t know—I don’t think I would–”
“You’ll like it,” I said, unwinding the rope. “I know how to tie in a specific way around your dick and balls to help increase the amount of pleasure you get.”
He still looked skeptical. “I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head slowly.
“Yes, you do,” I said, my voice firm. “Lie down.”
He didn’t respond, seeming slightly shocked at my newfound aggression and I descended upon him. His cock was glistening with precum and pointing straight up at the ceiling.
“Don’t move,” I said, as I got to work, cutting sections of the rope and carefully tying them around it and his bulging sack. His man-parts immediately began to swell with blood from the pressure of the rope. I caressed it, and he moaned, each touch across the sensitive stretched skin overwhelming him. He was completely mine now, and fully in my clutches.