Learn from karma

I do what I do because I love everything sexual and stimulating.  I am fascinated by the mind and how turning it on can enhance every experience. I am not ashamed of my profession nor am I apologetic, in fact I’m proud that I’m so good at what I do. I am smart, savvy and sexual. I have turned who and what I am into an art form and from day one, I have approached this process as the artist, painting a picture of raunchy delight. I live by my own CONSCIOUSLY curated ideals and have found MEANING in carving out my own path, albeit unconventional.

Re ignite the fire you once had


Have you lost that spark? Have you guys lost but special something used have? You’re still in love but you don’t connect like you used to? You can feel that you’re growing apart and you don’t like where it is going?

I have a special gift of understanding both women and men and the things we mean to say that often come out wrong. 

Let me help you revamp your love life reconnect with your partner mend the connection you seam to have lost. 

A look at lace and a touch of leather


Imagine you put your shirt on inside out and only noticed when you were in public? 

That embarrassed and downright horrible feeling i exactly what a woman feels as we look in the mirror, while we are wearing inadequate and incorrect lingerie. 

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but it must suit the woman perfectly. It has to suit her personality and her body. 

Let me erase it lies she felt in that mirror find her inner vixen. 

With a slip of silk, a look at lace and a touch of leather.

Don’t Google it!


Introducing kink and fetish to your love life. What ever you do don’t let them global it.

I can seem daunting to imagine telling your partner you have a hidden kink but when you approach it softly and with the right touch you can open A Whole New World for yourself and your partner. 



We all want too live a happy and healthy life, but the bottles from the past I’ve left you feeling a little broken and insecure.  It’s ok to move on but sometimes the baggage gets in the way.

I will help you unpack those bags so you can move forward with your life.

Not One shade of grey

Its black and white.  A basic edeucational and informative session to keep it Safe sane and concentual

I am patient, switched on, electrified at the prospect of helping you dip your toe into the waters as you explore the curiosities of fetish and kink for the first time, or as we dive deep into the waters you have experienced many times before. Just be prepared to exit as a changed person.