Bad Karma Cumin

I am patient, switched on, electrified at the prospect of helping you dip your toe into the waters as you explore the curiosities of fetish and kink for the first time, or as we dive deep into the waters you have experienced many times before. Just be prepared to exit as a changed person.

About bad Karma

I have always been drawn to the fringes: of pleasure and society. Let me be your gateway to this world. Maybe you’re a seasoned submissive or dominant, but let’s see what happens when you look at your routine from a new angle, in new light. I get delight in exploring in fun-filled and light-hearted play, which can be an applied event to a strict scene of corporal punishment. Sploshing, foot worship, wrestling, sensory deprivation, impact play – let’s see what we can uncover deep in those corners of your mind you keep hidden.
Fantasies are worth exploring. In a safe environment, free of judgement, where possibilities expand and evolve and shift and swirl. There’s more to be felt than the basic tug, pull and sway of flesh on flesh. The intersections where intellect meets impulse. Sensations blurring and melting into one another. Synaesthesia, or to drop beneath your conscious thoughts. Lean into your base feelings. Experience the world in different ways. Tap into your lizard brain. Sounds, temperature, texture and taste, intermingling with base pleasures as you give in to your deepest desires. Do you know what it feels like to let go, to be seen and held gently by a woman who knows in that deep way of knowing, who sees in that deep way of seeing?
Your day-to-day routine is a world apart from the one we can carve out together. I am not your conventional domme. I carry my power alongside an unquenchable zeal for life. I am here, I am ready to discover, ready to witness your fragility and your tenderness. I will be firm, I will be strict, I will be unwavering in the standards to which I hold you. But alongside that you will discover a companion in me that radiates empathy, who projects an air of care that cannot be mimicked or performed.
I can be harsh. I can be cutting with my words. But I can be patient and kind and slow and easy. I will always prioritise clear communication and safe, sane practice. I am devilishly loyal to those who earn it.
Something happens when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, when we allow ourselves to let go, relinquish control. I can help you access that feeling of surrender…