Fine details

Speciality quotes

If you would like to have a discussion about a speciality quote you have a certain fantasy you would like to fulfill or your booking requires extra planning and preparation there will be an initial fee of $50 for a specialty personal quote. My time is valuable and I don’t like wasting my time when I could be furthering my study in sexual therapy.


To confirm any of my bookings I need a 20% non refundable deposit. I have unfortunately learnt the hard way there are a lot of time wasters out there, so i require some sort of deposit to make our appointment. This deposit can be paid Buy Direct bank deposit or by beemit. If you would like i can send you an invoice and receipt of the transaction.

Who I see

I only take a couple of bookings per week and I’m very selective with who I spend my time with. So If you’re after a quick service I’m not it and I hope you find what you’re looking for.My service is just like me, nothing about me is basic its always exciting and you will be pleasantly surprised.If you are rude towards me or aggressive I reserve the right to refuse service without refund. But for anyone that is searching for something that is deeper, more satisfying and truly genuine, please get in touch with me.


To ensure our time together is a pleasurable and memorable as possible while I’m with you, I’m with only you. I don’t look at my phone I don’t touch my phone other than to share music or do something that might interest you. I ask that you do the same, if you have an important phone call or you have to check your phone for business, I will leave you alone during that time, come get me when you are finished.

Regarding age

To those who have reservations or questions about my age, or yours, please don’t stress! I understand where you are coming from however I am a firm believer that age is just a number. It makes no difference to me how old you are. Just in case age dose matter to you I am 27.


Although I do like to maintain contact even after our sessions and check in on how you are, how life is treating you, i also understand that some of you can’t just do as you please. Please me know whether you can receive a message at any time or if you need to insinuate contact with me. If I was unavailable when I received your initial message I will contact you with a vague message saying something about an advert online, please reply saying the website you found me on and my name, otherwise I will cease contact.


I like to be everything you need, sometimes that’s a friend who is strictly looking out for your interests. And sometimes its someone to try something new with, who won’t judge.
Everything we say and do together comes under my confidentiality agreement.
I will never use anything you share with me against you. Everything we do together is strictly between us.Everything we talked about stays completely between you and me. I do have a written confidentiality agreement if you would like me to bring that along please let me know